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Kickbourine™ Kit

If you are in the market for a new organic sound, The AJP Kickbourine™ or “Bassbourine” is the perfect thing for you!
It was born from the idea process of creating a solution for my little sister! She is a singer, musician and songwriter. While playing her ukulele she would keep timing on a small bass drum with the right foot and a tambourine on the left foot. By doing this she was forced to sit down and utilize both legs. In looking for a solution to provide great tambourine and bass sound with a one strike option we came out with this great idea!
This Kickbourine™ will add a beautiful controlled jingle sound to the low end sound of your bass drum Freeing up your hands and other limbs not to mention it also looks super cool! It can be customized and made on any bass drum size! Interested? Contact us today!

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