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Kickbourine™ Kit

If you are in the market for a new organic sound, The AJP Kickbourine™ or “Bassbourine” is the perfect thing for you! It was born from the idea process of creating a solution for my little sister! She is a singer, musician and songwriter. While playing her ukulele she would keep timing on a small […]

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Juan “Carlito” Mendoza Reviews AJP Drums

Juan “Carlito” Mendoza Reviews AJP Drums

Special thanks to “Carlito” Mendoza for reviewing AJP Drums custom snare. Visit his site, carlitomendoza.com for his amazing drums lessons. *Juan “Carlito” Mendoza is not affiliated with AJP Drums Co. This video is purely a demonstration of our snare featuring an opinion from someone who appreciates good craftsmanship in custom drums.

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